The present website (www.stavroskastrinakis.com) (hereafter the “website”) includes an electronic shop (hereafter the “e-shop”), which is the online presence of the individual Company under the name “PATERAKI NEKTARIA” with Tax Reg. No 047288227, Tax Authority DOY Chanion and General Commercial Reg. No 074848858000, with telephone number: 2821045055 and e-mail address: kastrinakisst@gmail.com (hereafter the “Company” or “we”), which is located in Chania Greece, Sfakion Str. No 36, 2nd Floor, P.C. 731 – 34.

The Company provides its services to consumers through its e-shop «www.stavroskastrinakis.com», according to the terms and conditions hereof. Before entering the e-shop, browsing the relevant website and making any kind of transaction within it, please read carefully the terms and conditions below.

Please understand that accessing and using the Company’s website «www.stavroskastrinakis.com» and its services implies unconditional agreement with the present Terms and Conditions.



The Company endeavors to provide a first-class costumer service to the users (hereafter “the costumers” “the users” or simple “the visitors”) of the website on a daily basis. The creation of this particular e-shop signifies the beginning of an advanced form of communication between the Company and its customers. In addition, this e-shop is intended for all internet users who wish not only to receive direct information on the Company's products but also to complete a purchase through the e-shop, by means of distance online order, provided that the Company has sufficient stock.

The Company gives attention to the direct and satisfactory customer service, operating constantly in a responsible manner on the course of its business activity and cultivating trust between the Company and its customers.

The present terms fully comply with the current European and Greek legislation; users acknowledge the Company’s right to modify any provisions of the present terms to the extent that such modification would neither affect legally binding obligations of either party nor affect any accomplished situations. The customer is responsible to check periodically the present terms and conditions and he/she is exclusively responsible in reference to the use of the website.

The customers of this webpage acknowledge that they have read the terms, agree with them and undertake to comply with them. The terms and conditions of the present website set the terms of use of our website and our services and the terms of the sale agreement which is concluded between the customer and the Company. Every “www.stavroskastrinakis.com” customer is assumed that with the subscription / use/ visit of the website fully acknowledge the present terms; and waives its claims emerging by his visit to the website or transaction with the Company. Any customer who does not agree with these terms should abstain from the use of the website and subsequently any transaction. The use of the website www.stavroskastrinakis.com, the subscription and the transaction (submission of order) implies the acceptance of the present terms and the conclusion of a sale agreement with the present terms.

We feel we have the obligation to keep our customers always informed and secured. In case you have any question regarding the present terms please contact us at the electronic address kastrinakisst@gmail.com.

The Company reserves the right to suspend temporarily or permanently all of its services without notice in its sole discretion.



The definitions presented below are applied in the present Agreement:

i.“Company’’ “We”: is the Company under the trade name “PATERAKI NEKTARIA”, which is duly incorporating under the laws of Greece and whose registered office is at Chania Greece, Sfakion Str. No 36, 2nd Floor, P.C. 731 – 34. with Tax Reg. No 047288227, Tax Authority DOY Chanion and General Commercial Reg. No 074848858000, with telephone number: 2821045055 and e-mail address: kastrinakisst@gmail.com .

ii. “E-shop”/ “Website”/ “STAVROS KASTRINAKIS ” and/or «www.stavroskastrinakis.com»: is the domain name/electronic address, of the e-shop maintained by the aforementioned Company and encompasses the “content” and the “services”.

iii. “Content”: refers to all the written content, graphics, the design and programming utilized in the internet site here above.

iv. “Text”: refers to all the texts presented in the website, whether it is of a legislative, educational or consultative content or an advertisement.

v. “Graphics”: refers to all the logos, buttons and any sort of graphic elements on the website.

vi. “Design”: refers to the color combinations and the paging of the website.

vii. “Programming”: refers to the markup language (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) and server utilized for the website.

viii. “Services”: refers to all the services provided through the website.

ix. “User”: refers to any natural or legal person visiting the website and creates an account on it.

x. “Consumer”: refers to any natural or legal person visiting the website and proceeds to the purchase of goods through it.

xi. “Visitor”: refers to any natural or legal person visiting the website.

xii. “Account”: refers to the registration of the Visitor as a User in the website «www.stavroskastrinakis.com».

xiii. “Product/s”: refers to the goods offered for sale through the website.



It is not obligatory to register in order to browse through «www.stavroskastrinakis.com» to make a purchase, to make an order or in general to have the opportunity to use any of the features of the website. By creating an account though, you are able to save the requested personal data and delivery addresses of yours, so you don’t have to re-entry them in every order you make. Moreover, by creating your personal account you have the opportunity to receive newsletters upon your registration in the relevant mailing list. You can always exclude yourself from the reception of these newsletters upon notification by sending us an email at kastrinakisst@gmail.com.

Purchase as a visitor: By purchasing as a visitor on this website, you will be asked to enter your current, accurate and complete information.

Registration as a customer: By registering on this site, you will be asked to enter your current, accurate and complete information. The account code you enter must be unique and confidential. For this reason you should immediately inform the Company in case of unauthorized use of your account.

Visitors who choose to create an account for the fullest provision of the services of this website, are additionally committed that the information they provide regarding the requested information is true, accurate, valid and complete, as well as that they undertake to maintain and diligently inform their registration details so that they are kept true, accurate, valid, up-to-date and complete.

The users of this website who maintain an account, remain solely responsible for all transactions carried out under their personal account (user account), while at the same time agreeing to immediately notify the Company of any unauthorized use of their account and of any occurring or / and possible security breach.

They are also solely responsible for the careful use of their account and their formal sign out at the end of each use. This site assumes no liability for any damage or loss arising from the inability of users for any reason to respect and follow this term.

The Company reserves the right to close accounts, if it deems that they have been created for the purpose of some malicious act or if the information that has been declared is not true or is a result of interception and abuse.



In order to perform any transaction through the e-shop and to make any order of the Company’s products, you will be asked to provide some personal data. We process your personal data in accordance with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU 2016/679, as it has been incorporated into Greek legislation and applies today. With the use of the website you provide your explicit consent to the Company to process the relevant personal data and you declare that all the information is true and accurate.

When you place an order, you will be asked to provide your full name and surname, the address for the delivery of products, your phone number (whichever phone number you specify), your email address and, in case you choose to use your credit card as a payment method, you will be asked to provide the card number, its expiry date as well as the 3-digit security code of your card. If you do not give us all of the information that we need, we may not be able to complete your order.

The Company may, while navigating and/or using this website and this e-shop, collect information from the computer operating system, the browser and the address of the internet provider (IP) of its visitors/users/customers, to measure the number of visitors of this site, the configuration of the order history and the purchasing interest regarding this e-shop, with the sole purpose of improving the services provided by it.

The personal data of the customers are used by the Company, exclusively for the purpose of implementation and proof of the orders of its customers. The Company assures its customers that it will not use their personal data for use not specifically authorized by them, nor send or disclose it to third parties natural or legal persons without their written consent, except where the This notification is necessary for the execution of their order (e.g. cooperating shipping companies) or is mandatory by law.

Hereby, customers give to the Company their explicit consent for the storage and processing of his personal data, for the purposes of execution and proof of his orders, the provision of personalized services and the export of statistical data.

Customers have the right of access or information (no. 12 of Law 2472/1997) for each item they have notified to the Company, as well as the right of objection (no. 13 of Law 2472/1997) for the processing of the data concerning him. In case the Customer wishes to exercise his right of objection to the processing of his data, he can contact contact us at the electronic address kastrinakisst@gmail.com.

The Company ensures the observance of the Personal Data Protection Principles when using the services of this site and this e-shop, keeping your personal data safe for as long as you are registered on this site and in this e-shop. Furthermore, the Company takes all necessary measures for the security of transactions with its customers, in agreement and compliance with international, European and domestic Greek law, as amended and in force to date, regarding e-commerce and distance sales.



The Company may collect identification data of you by using technologies such as cookies. Cookies are short text files stored in your hard drive and do not acknowledge of any document or file of your computer. They are used to facilitate and ameliorate your navigation regarding the use of the services provided by the e-shop, for getting informed about the views of the website and for the creation of orders and shopping interest history with a view to improve our services as well as to keep logistic records. Other kind of information that we collect from or about you include your location, the types of content you view or engage with or the frequency and duration of your activities.

You can adjust your web browser in such a way that you can be notified for the use of cookies in specific services or not to allow acceptance of the use of cookies in any way. In case you do not wish the use of cookies for your identification, you may not have further access into specific services.


The Company is only committed to the validity of information presented on the e-shop, as regards to the existence of the features described in each product available (i.e.  sizes, colors, materials, price etc). The Company attempts to be as accurate as possible in the description of the products for sale. However, the Company cannot guarantee that all descriptions are totally accurate, complete and reliable or error free. The images of the products on the website are for illustrative purposes only. Although the Company attempts to display the colors accurately, the Company cannot guarantee that your computer or any other device displays accurately and reflects the true color of the product/s.

Products are sold with the characteristics described in the e-shop and in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale posted on the website at the time of your order, to the exclusion of any other term or condition. Any changes will be effective from the date of publishing on the e-shop and will apply only to sales concluded on or after that date. In case you have any further questions regarding the product features, the materials or the sizes, please contact us at the electronic address kastrinakisst@gmail.com.

The Company reserves the right to change the available products, prices, terms and conditions of transactions without any notice. Any changes will be effective from the date of publishing on the e-shop and will apply only to sales concluded on or after that date.

All prices shown under the relevant lists of each product include VAT.

We are constantly updating and revising our offerings of products, and we may discontinue products anytime, without notice. The pricing of the products for sale is subject to change.

For all of our prices and products, we reserve the right to make adjustments due to market conditions changes, product discontinuation manufacturer price changes, error in advertisements and other extenuating circumstances.

From time to time, prices are subject to change in response to currency exchange rate changes, markdowns and other commercial factors. The price applicable to your order will be the current price, at the time your order is accepted.

Non EU-Customers shall be subject to any charges that may arise from exchange rate differences, customs clearances, etc., for which our Company shall bear no liability.


The Company has made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors of the products for sale via its e-shop. However, as computer monitors vary, the Company cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any color is completely accurate.

The Company cannot provide any guarantee for the legal capacity of the users, consumers and visitors who wish to make a purchase through its e-shop.

All users, consumers and visitors should be the lawful owners of the credit, debit, prepaid or any other type of card they use in order to make a purchase from «www.stavroskastrinakis.com». In case they are not the lawful owners of the credit, debit, prepaid or other type of card they use in order to make a purchase from «www.stavroskastrinakis.com», the Company is not liable against the legitimate owner of the credit, debit, prepaid or other type of card it has been used for any purchase from the e-shop.

The Company is not liable for the security of money transactions. The competent Bank is the only party responsible for the security of the transactions made through the credit, debit or prepaid card that has been used by you. However, if a fraudulent use of a credit, debit or prepaid card has been proven, the charge may be cancelled upon your request at the competent Bank that had issued the card in accordance with the policy of the respective Bank.

The Company has no liability for acts or omissions of third parties, particularly unauthorized third-party interventions in products and/or services and/or information through it.

Every consumer, user and visitor is obliged to exempt, render harmless and relieve the Company from every demand and/or claim of compensation for damage imposed by third parties, for any reason.

The Company does not have any responsibility for satisfying claims of any nature, against third parties, which may be resulted from the use, copy or imitation of the website or of its contents or any sort of other related websites from third parties which are not authorized by the Company.

The Company is not responsible for any technical problems that might occur when you attempt to access the website.

There is no guarantee for the continuous and uninterrupted access in the website and its services, given the possibility of impediment, even in part, due to chance occurrences and/or force majeure. Consequently, there is no responsibility born for the temporary disruption of some sort of service and/or weakness in accessing «www.stavroskastrinakis.com» as well as for any possible, direct and indirect, damages and expenses that may occur from the possible disruption or retardation to the operation of the provided services that might occur from the causes referred to herein.

Please be aware that if you have supplied us with an incorrect address, we are not liable for failure of delivery.



Making an order through the e-shop signifies that you enter into a distance sale agreement, which is governed by the legal framework of Law 2251/1994 about Consumer’s Protection, as applied.

You may enter into a valid order through our e-shop provided that you are a legally capable person according to the Greek Civil Code (which means you are eighteen years of age or older and you are not placed under judicial guardianship regarding the entering into sales agreements). Representatives of legal entities may also place orders; The Company reserves the right to claim the price of the sale agreement or any damages/losses suffered by the sale agreement from supervisors or guardians of legally incapacitated persons.



1. Once you have made your choice you need to fill in the online form with the necessary data in order to enter into the sale agreement.

2. You also need to unreservedly accept the sale agreement terms and the terms of use by clicking the "ACCEPT" button, as shown online to all users of our website.

Accepting an order does not legally imply the conclusion of a sale agreement but an invitation of information and we reserve the right to inform you that your order can not be processed. The order ends and the sale agreement is concluded with the delivery of the ordered product to you.

All product orders are subject to availability. In the event of difficulties in supplying or exhaustion of the products in stock, we reserve the right to inform you about similar products or of products superior in quality and value, which you can order. If you do not wish to order such similar products, we will refund you in full the amount that you may have paid.

To facilitate payment for those who wish to buy products from our e-shop, we provide the following payment methods:

1. By charging your credit/debit card. Charging of credit/debit card takes place on the date the procedure of dispatching of products begins. Our website, www.stavroskastrinakis.com, has taken all necessary precautions regarding the security of your transactions through your credit card and all credit and debit card holders are subject to validity control.

It is important to specify necessarily a phone number and a valid e-mail address.

2. By Paypal by choosing the relevant payment method, assuming you have a Paypal account.

3. Deposit at bank account:

Pateraki Nektaria


IBAN: GR20 0172 7650 0057 6508 3662 004


Whichever method of payment you choose; there is the option to choose either a retail receipt or an invoice. An invoice is issued to companies and freelancers, provided they fill out the following information upon their order: Company name, VAT number, VAT number and profession for self-employed persons. The invoice / retail receipt will be sent with your order.

Before the completion of the order, our Company informs the customer through the website about the substantial features of the product, price, quantity, transfer costs, payment method, delivery method, duration and price of the offer, if any, and the right of withdrawal within thirty (30) days from the delivery of the product.

Once you have made your choice and your order has been placed, you will receive an email acknowledging the details of your order. Please be aware that this email is NOT an acceptance of your order, it is just a confirmation that we have received it.

Unless you cancel your order within one business day, acceptance of your order will take place when we email you to confirm your order (order confirmation email).



Once you make your order, you receive the order confirmation email and you complete the relevant payment, your order will be delivered at the indicated destination according to the provisions of the carrier.

Delivery costs are included in the product prices and are borne by the customers.

In case the product is not immediately available to be delivered, the order will remain pending and our Company will communicate to you the expected availability date, the substitution or cancellation of the order.

The address specified by the costumer must be real and valid. In case the costumer is absent from the address he/she has specified, or his/her address details have changed, the buyer is responsible for notifying the Company in a timely manner, in order to ship the order to the correct address. Otherwise, the costumer will bear the additional delivery cost.


All products are delivered to the address you have specified in your order within 5 working days, from the day your order has been approved.


All products are delivered to the address you have specified in your order within 10 working days, from the day your order has been approved.

The Company does not bear any liability for any delays due to the carrier. The Company is also not responsible for any international shipping delays caused by the customs clearing process.

The time of delivery of your order is subject to changes that constitute force majeure e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes etc, whereby in every circumstance you will be informed through e-mail. If delivery is delayed by any event outside of our control, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and we will take steps to minimize the effect of the delay.

The responsibility for the products is shifted to you from the moment you or a third party that you have designated, other than the carrier, has acquired physical possession or product control. Product ownership goes into your hands either with full recovery of all amounts due in respect of products on our part, including shipping costs, or by delivery if it is later than collection.



In case your order has been completed and you have made the relevant payment but you wish to cancel your order anyway, you have the right to do so upon a written notice to us by sending us a relevant email at kastrinakisst@gmail.com . Please be informed that you may cancel your order only before receiving the notification email that your order has been dispatched. If the above – mentioned conditions are met, and in case you have already paid the price of the product/s, your deposit will be refunded via the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction.

For you to withdraw from the purchase contract, the following requirements should be met: the product should be in its original, perfect condition, never used in any way, and should come in its original packaging with no apparent damages including all of its original components. Your return package must be accompanied by the original receipt or invoice of purchase, if these are not available, by the exchange card which is included in the packaging of the product.

The right of withdrawal may not be exercised for products manufactured according to the specific specifications of the consumer or clearly individualized for specific consumer.

You will be reimbursed with the full amount of your order including the delivery expenses. The money will be refunded in the same way as it was received by us in the initial payment within 30 days from the day we received your return. 

In any case, the return of the products will be made after you inform us about the return request of the products at and we accept their return provided that the products have been delivered to the cooperating carrier.

Should you prefer the returned goods to be exchanged with other items in our program we can do so if the amount value is the same.

If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check your bank account again. 

Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted. 

Next contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted. 

If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at kastrinakisst@gmail.com

Except for the rights provided by the return policy, all rights applicable to consumers are recognized in each case under the applicable provisions and laws relating to the contract of sale, as well as any rights arising in connection with the product warranty terms. .



The entire content of the site, including not limited images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, products, marks, symbols, is the intellectual property of the Company and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, European law and international conventions.

Every intellectual property right, including but not limited, all patents, trademarks, services trademarks, commercial brand names, designs, pictures, photos (including but not limited looks and aesthetics and other visual or non-literal elements, registered or not), logos, audio clips, videos, downloads, in the website, the informative content uploaded in the website, every data base operated by us and the design, the text, the graphics of the website as a whole, the software, the photos, the music, the sound as well as their choice and arrangement and every software compiler, the subject source code and the software (including applets and script files) belong to the Company (or to the property of the Company’s providers) and is subject to Greek and European copyright laws.

Any modification, copying, distribution, modification, configuration, transfer, sale, republication in any way of any information (in whole or in part), reproduction and retransmission, downloading or exploitation of the contents of the website in any way or by any means for commercial or other purposes is forbidden without the written permission of the Company. The appearance of such content on the website should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use it.



The Company participates actively in Social Media, having created its own page at them (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+). In order to browse at the pages that the Company holds at the above-mentioned Social Media, you have to consent to the relevant terms of use. The participation in the above-mentioned Social Media does not give birth to any claim against the Company and the Company holds no responsibility referring to the existence or content of these pages.



No waiver of any default herein by either party or any failure to enforce any rights hereunder shall be deemed to constitute a waiver of any subsequent default with respect to the same or any other provision hereof.



The website www.stavroskastrinakis.com reserves the right to modify or renew the present terms and conditions at its sole discretion.



The use of the website and the sale agreement shall be ruled and interpreted according to the laws of Greece.

All disputes arising out of or in connection with the use of the website or the sale agreement if not amicably settled shall be submitted to the Courts of Athens.



For any further question, complaints or information, please contact us at: kastrinakisst@gmail.com