Stavros Kastrinakis' photography

aims to capture the sublimity of the natural and urban landscape in contradiction with the fragility of human existence.

Having as a starting point his studies in theater and psychology, Kastrinakis gazes at the protagonists of his photographs through the prism of both the narrator and the spectator attempting to identify and reveal the inner self of the individual. His pictures encapsulate thin slices of reality where moments of leisure are being transformed into psychologically charged scenes overpowered by magnificently threatening landscapes. To this objective Kastrinakis employs a complex visual vocabulary which summons various devices such as the effect of light and shadow, color, symmetry, the movement of the changing mass of the crowd and the never-ending expansion of the surrounding environment. Aiming to collect as many raw moments as possible, the artist's photographic lens keeps a distance from the subjects choosing not to interfere with the action. Kastrinakis' photographs strive to capture the ephemeral, the accidental, however, his scenes are meticulously composed to reveal the interlapse between action and non-action.

His constructed narratives, theatrically navigate between summer plays and the individual's personal introspection. The landscape becomes a stage where unexpected encounters occur; in 'Focal|Points' a subtle movement of the water signifies an undergoing interaction between two people, while in 'Twin|Oddity' a vast body of water renders the scene bare naked. In the 'Ephemeral|Traces' & 'Cosmic|Duality' collections, water and earth via their transformative and liberating nature acting as overarching elements motivate the observer to cross the boundaries of individual and collective space, proposing a nostalgic view of cosmic coexistence. Engaging in a constant dialogue with the natural elements, the various representations of water and the body language of his protagonists, the artist seeks the polyphonic shivers, the lightness of summer, the game, the surprise, the joy, the contemplation and the sauntering of the subjects while experiencing the vertigo of the altitude and the hedonistic feeling of the distant observer.